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Lehner Screw Machine makes many types and sizes of retainer grip pins, plugs and tubes for Aircraft, Military, Hydraulic, Heavy Equipment, Off Road, and Small Engine Industries that require rigorous quality control inspections utilizing up to date machining equipment that meets or exceeds most military standards.  Retainer grips, plugs and tubes may be produced using Aircraft Standard Aluminums, Steel, Stainless Steels or any material that your company may require....

Key Benefits

  • Tolerances and Dimensions can be held within .0005
  • Finishing can be controlled within 4 Ra
  • Parts can be customized to meet your standards
  • Parts can be Heat Treated**
  • Parts can be Plated**

**Additional operations are completed through Qualified Outside Venders.  Outside vendors have third party accredited certification through NADCAP or ISO unless specified.

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